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Been back in the UK for 12 working days. 11 of these I've been actively job hunting.

I've now been to one interview (Didcot), cancelled the second one (Wolverhampton) on the back of the first (the Didcot company arranged the interview last Friday, for this Monday, so it was ahead of the Wolverhampton one I had booked for Tuesday. It was so positive that I cancelled the second on the back of informal conversations with the client & agent). I've also now cancelled another interview (Coventry) tomorrow, as the offer came through a couple of days ago, and contract & paperwork / security is all cleared and through today. And 2 more calls today, with offers of interviews (Cheltenham & Oxfordshire), and the other 3 positive sounding leads (Falmouth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne & Woking) not yet come back. Maybe next time?

I'm amazed how quick it's all been - and flattered. My CV seems to be OK :o) It seems January is a good time of year to job-hunt...

Now, to get my mind out of the house-husband lazy-git place it's heading. Seems a pity, it's quite nice to just have making cups of tea, housework, cooking, keeping the cupboards stocked, and the odd bit of internettage to do...
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