andrewwilde (andrewwilde) wrote,

Couple of questions...

I've got to do some video editing soon, and want to be able to compile a basic video from camera footage from the bike: I need to join videos (fading in & out would be enough), crop the length, resize the frame, and compress it down to reasonable size. I'll also want to edit / replace the sound track. Any ideas what's good, and what I should get?
(I'd prefer free, but don't mind paying a bit)

Also, if anyone could let me know the RON of UK unleaded fuel, that would also be appreciated (octane number, it should be either 85, 87, 98 or 91).

Thanks in advance.
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Google is your friend

Ordinary unleaded is 95 super unleaded is 98 as is four star.

Although wikipedia says

"In the UK, ordinary regular unleaded petrol is 91 RON (not commonly available), premium unleaded petrol is always 95 RON, and super unleaded is usually 97-98 RON."

Next time I go to fill up I will check.
Very intereresting reading. thx