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Standing at the precipice, looking in.

It’s scary, when you think about it.

This time next week, I will have moved out of my home. All my possessions (that I want or need access to) will be in storage. Those that I might want, sometime, will be in the loft of a house I no longer have access to. Lots will have gone to the charity shop or the recycling centre. My rifles will be with someone else, ditto all my shooting kit, and my bike will be in storage at Heathrow: awaiting a flight to Vancouver. Everything I will need, for the rest of the year, will either be in a single bag, will be packed in the bike or will be with my shooting kit.

I will be without a home, of no fixed abode, and with no plans in place to get another one until 2012.

It’s been over a year since the idea was conceived, this little jaunt, the latter stages of which
have been quite intense. I really hope I haven’t forgotten anything, but if I have, it’s kind of too late now...
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