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MP3 Players

I need to get another MP3 player - my current one (Creative Zen) is dying. It has been for about 2 years, when the power switch first stopped working... It's also somewhat large & clunky, and less than ideal for an extended biking holiday.

So, what would people suggest?

I need:
  • something that's fairly compact and robust: it's going to be in a biker's pocket for some months, probably playing fairly continuously...
  • fairly decent quality music reproduction,
  • more than 4Gb capacity (I've currently got 3.2Gb and it's likely to grow),
  • the ability to play hacked tracks (some that even date back to when I ripped them off cassette tapes!),
  • easy to use, that can work off MP3 files just dumped into folders,
  • good battery life, that can charge off USB or has replaceable batteries
  • and finally, something that doesn't have any need for iTunes and that doesn't have an Apple logo...

    Any advice appreciated!
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