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Any views, opinions, or thoughts on what browser to put on the new netbook?

Poll #1661598 Browsers...

What browser(s) should I install?

Internet Explorer 8
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

It'll mostly be used for normal web browsing, webmail, internet banking, online shopping, that kind of thing.

But for a significant portion of next year it will be probably be used with the mobile as the main connection to the interwebbage, so data useage might become an issue if it's excessive...

If you've any thoughts, any pros & cons of any of the above browsers, or if there's any alternatives worth considering, please comment below...

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They're all perfectly competent; take your pick. I use Chrome for non-werk - it's fast, pretty solid, and the isolation between tab processes can be handy when Flash decides to crash - but we (obviously) test on them all. IE is likely still the most vulnerable to reticulum-based infection, though far less so than preceding versions, and may still be your best bet for banking as some banks seem pathologically incapable of web programming to w3c standards.
Thanks for this - will install Chrome & Firefox as they seem to be the most liked... Ta :o)
Opera and Safari always seem a bit quirky and annoying to me. Firefox usually works well but is slow to load and keeps asking if you want to update your fecking components. IE8 works pretty well but is cursed by its evil origins. Chrome seems a pretty good little beast. But I deliberately switch between them all because I want to know when and how websites fail with them.

Oh - IE7 at work has a VERY annoying tendency to fail on streaming, and then blame the connection. I know that's a lie, because Firefox will play the program perfectly happily. So Firefox is generally more reliable. But every now and then you will come up against a company who have made a website that ONLY works in IE. Baffling but true.

So sadly, none of them is an instant win! Chrome is probably the least annoying.
Thanks for this - will install Chrome & Firefox as they seem to be the most liked... Ta :o)